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Tackling Behavioural Performance Problems

Gather the facts and then use the DEAL WITH IT formula...

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20th March 2015

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Weekly Tip Thirty Eight

Communicating A Vision


Here’s a formula called 'VISUAL'.



Vivid – Make the vision come alive; describe what you see as the future situation say 12 months from now.  Use pictures, illustrations, models to make the vision concrete, tangible, and touchable


Inspirational – A vision needs to lift people’s spirits so make it vivid and meaningful. 
Be explicit in what will be different in people’s day to day experiences.


Specific – Describe what the future will mean to each individual.


Understandable – Use simple everyday language that communicates, real meaning not corporate jargon.


Achievable – Be honest, communicate the size of the task, the challenge, the effort required and the hard work entailed.


Long Term Benefit – Spell out the short and long term benefits to all those involved in It, how will people be better off e.g. increased job security, improved performance,
better reputation, easier life, financial rewards, improved working relationships.


For more insights check out our resource How to be assertive.


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