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20th March 2015

Get ready for the Virtual Classroom Revolution

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Press Release - 20th March 2015


Buy and Train – Get ready for the Virtual Classroom Revolution


Imagine this scenario.


You have always been a trainer using conventional Instructor Led Training Courses to deliver your content.  You have delivered these very successfully over the years.

But now one of your biggest clients is making noises about switching to the use of Virtual Classrooms as a different mode of delivery.  You are aware of training webinars, and may have attended some, but you have not been impressed – death by PowerPoint is possibly how you would describe them.  And anyway what’s the difference between a training webinar and a virtual classroom?

Well of course there is a massive difference.

In a virtual classroom you can:

  1. Use slides to impart the content
  2. Show video clips for discussion
  3. Put participants into Breakout Rooms, the equivalent of syndicate groups, to answer questions in small groups they report back their findings using whiteboards, the equivalent of flipcharts
  4. The participants can use audio and text chat to communicate with the trainer and other trainees
  5. They can participate in role-plays seen and heard by the group as a whole
  6. They can complete polls which test their understanding
  7. And finally they can even complete real time, on line self-assessments which they can immediately use to identify their personal development needs and plan to address them.

Virtual Classrooms can be recorded so that anyone missing one can view a recording.

Which is where Buy and comes in.

We can provide:

  1. Content for use in virtual classrooms
  2. Slides to accompany the content
  3. Video clips
  4. Role-play material
  5. Polls

And most importantly real time, online self-assessments linked to a vast range of Personal Development Resources.

We have a subsidiary,, specialists in the delivery of virtual classrooms using Buy and Train’s training resources.

We can even train you to use Virtual Classrooms and the different platforms organisations use.

To find out more visit either of our sites  or


Jeremy Francis
CEO Buy and Train



For more information contact Jeremy:
Tel:  +44 (0)1634 787454
Mobile: +44 (0)7973 216323
Skype:  jeremy.francis1904



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